27 WTF Moments From WWE TLC 2016

It was me, Ambrose! It was me all along, Ambrose!

Wtf Raw

It's official, a small jobber with no chin is now SmackDown's number one heel. At the start of 2016, it would have been impossible to predict this, let alone the fact that James Ellsworth would even be employed.

That's not all, David Otunga is a firm part of SmackDown's announce crew. What on earth is going on with the world? At this rate, bets should start now that The Brooklyn Brawler will make a grand return and end 2017 as WWE United States Champ on Raw.

Best not to give them ideas...

TLC, the last pay-per-view of the year for WWE's blue brand, featured no less than two title changes and an almighty collection of WTF moments. Clearly, it's the latter that is most important. Isn't that right, JBL?

As always, the big Texan was on form (by which we mean spewing complete nonsense) for much of the broadcast. He wasn't alone, even Mauro Ranallo joined in for some utter chaos. There's definitely some pre-show bar tabs going on in WWE.

Let's look at all the WTF moments TLC could handle...

27. Lies! All Lies!

Wtf Raw

We love you Mauro, we really do. It seems sitting next to JBL and David Otunga has ruined you however, there's no excuse for spouting guff like this.

At the top of the show, Mr. Ranallo claimed that TLC is the one night a year WWE becomes a demolition derby. It's admirable that he'd try to sell the dangerous vibe to the show, but what about all those other shows that cite this as a selling point!?

Extreme Rules? Hell In A Cell? We wouldn't be surprised if WWE used this exact same line back on October 30...


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