29 WTF Moments From WWE Attitude Era Raw 1998 (Feb 9)

No Way Out's go-home show ramps up the tension...

The February 9th, 1998 episode of Raw was the go-home show for the upcoming No Way Out (of Texas) pay-per-view, due to be headlined by an unsanctioned 8-man tag featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, and Chainsaw Charlie taking on D-Generation X. As it turned out, HBK's nagging back injuries prevented him from wrestling on the show, and he was replaced by...Savio Vega. Yeah. Even so, Raw slid the chess pieces firmly in place ahead of WrestleMania, further heightening the feud between Austin and DX, while the show's remainder was comprised of the usual mix of hilarious, weird and lame that defines just about any Attitude Era episode of Raw. And with the release of Sunny's porno, Sunny Side Up, this week, what better time to consider all the sad difference that 18 years can make? Here are 29 WTF moments from the February 9th, 1998 Raw...

29. Sunny Sings Happy Birthday To Freddie Blassie

This week's Raw opens with Sunny dressed as Marilyn Monroe, as she sings happy birthday to the wrestling legend that is Classy Freddie Blassie, who turned 80 years old the day before. The brief segment ends with Sunny's dress being blown up Monroe-style as she stands in front of a painfully obvious green screen background. Pretty rare that the WWE wishes happy birthday to their older legends, but creative obviously couldn't resist the opportunity to put Sunny in a revealing dress.

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