29 WTF Moments From WWE MSG Live

Brock Lesnar match = toilet break match!?

This WWE Network live special marks the first leg of Brock Lesnar's Go to Hell Tour, which saw the Beast stepping foot inside Madison Square Garden for the first time since his infamous WrestleMania XX match against Goldberg. Still, at its core this MSG special was pretty much just an episode of Saturday Night Raw, a night full of mediocre-to-average wrestling with the most memorable moments stemming from classic Xavier Woods quips, bizarre technical glitches, and of course, awesome/annoying fans. Odd booking decisions were out in spades as ever, though more than anything, the show probably left a lot of fans eager to see NXT's upcoming Respect special, where quality wrestling should be put above all the other silliness. So, it wasn't a great show, but it was still full of hilarious screw-ups, cringe-worthy interviews and all the madness that defines even the laziest WWE show. Here are 29 WTF moments from WWE's Madison Square Garden show...

29. That Annoying Pink Ribbon In The Corner

It's that time of the year again where the WWE teams with Susan G. Komen for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning that the WWE donates a ton of its merchandise profits to the company, sets up pink ring ropes, and...puts an annoying pink ribbon in the corner of the screen. Nobody's doubting that it's all for a good cause (despite the controversies of the Komen group), but would it have killed the production team to use a graphic that wasn't quite so distracting? Maybe make it semi-transparent or something?

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