29 WWE Stars Who Fought The Law

The law doesn't care for your belts.

The Usual Suspects Wwe
Pro wrestling has an unfortunately long and storied association with the wrong side of the law. Stars have seen their misdemeanours and DUI charges lead to their dismissal from top companies, and others have watched their lives change entirely by major crimes that their fame sometimes glosses over. Obviously the big boss McMahon himself was arrested in 1993 on charges relating to steroid circulation, but he was acquitted regardless of any conspiracy theories. Others, like Heath Slater and Jack Swagger have had their own run-ins, but so long is the rogues gallery of their cohorts that their brushes with the law barely even register. What follows instead is a list of some of the most notorious arrests and charges in the history of professional wrestling from the biggest stars to the strangest cases...

29. William Regal

The Usual Suspects Wwe

Rating: Drunken Assault

In 1997, while contracted to WCW, Regal was arrested after he got drunk on a flight from Japan and astonishingly urinated on a stewardess.

In his book, he claims that he was so drunk that he could not remember the incident and woke up in a cell in Alaska. Luckily the world will never let him forget.

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