3 Ups & 3 Downs From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Jan 11)

Fallout from Homecoming provides a mixed episode.

Johnny Impact Killer Kross
Impact Wrestling

The first episode of Impact Wrestling post-Homecoming felt slightly underwhelming. Sure, the wrestling wasn't terrible but then again, we were getting The Lucha Bros vs. The Rascalz. On free TV for that matter (and Twitch as well now). But there was a segment between The Desi Hit Squad and a returning Scott Steiner. Why do Impact feel the need to give us things like this? What have we, as fans, done to them to make them book these sorts of angles?

Luckily, the things that needed to continue after last Sunday's pay-per-view were further developed on this episode. Killer Kross and Johnny Impact squared off in the evening's main event in a No DQ Match no less, eventually featuring an unwelcome guest.The feud hasn't really went in the right direction with this, but it was still an excellent show-closing match.

Meanwhile, Tessa Blanchard sent a message to Gail Kim, who was the referee for her Knockouts Championship loss to Taya Valkyrie. This is interesting, as it seemingly suggests that there will be some sort of blowoff to this angle, possibly even a return to action for the Hall of Famer. There isn't a single person who'd say no to watching that match.

Unfortunately, there were just as many bad moments to the show as there were good. Let's get to it...


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