3 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Dec 1 - Results & Review)


5. CM Punk On SmackDown For…Reasons?

CM Punk WWE SmackDown 2023

This negativity might be deemed controversial due to the buzz surrounding his return, but...why is CM Punk advertised for SmackDown next week? No, stop to think about it. Punk only just returned to WWE, and he has an obvious feud simmering vs. Seth Rollins for the red brand's World Title. Is there anything to gain by booking this one-off appearance?

WWE better have something meaningful to announce here. If Punk's going to show up and rehash the same promo he's already cut over on Raw, then forget it. Teasing an eventual match with Roman Reigns is definitely one option, but it's unnecessary right now when Punk has a much more personal issue to settle elsewhere.

Could be messy considering Randy Orton's recently-revealed business with Reigns too.

The whole thing just comes across as an announcement for the sake of it rather than anything that makes sense, so it's hard to get too excited. Of course, things change quickly in wrestling. Punk could rock the boat on SmackDown next week. That remains to be seen though.


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