3 Ups & 7 Downs From AEW Dark (Nov 5)

Lowlights aplenty in AEW's worst weekly show so far.

Shawn Spears

So here it is: the first net negative show of AEW's weekly existence, and what a stinker it was.

These 62 minutes were a slog to get through, and that's something one should never be able to say about a show designed to be a light, breezy, and easily-digestible platform to highlight performers yet to break through on Dynamite. Parts of it felt like a genuine trainwreck. It's a shame, because Dark has been consistently solid so far, but while the B-tier classification means that these issues don't matter all that much in the grander scheme, they can't go unmentioned either.

Dasha Gonzalez (formerly Dasha Fuentes in WWE) joined Tony Schiavone in the studio. She brought a different energy to proceedings, but neither contributed to nor detracted from the presentation to warrant an individual Up or Down. In the ring, we got a women's tag featuring two unsigned stars, Michael Nakazawa vs. Shawn Spears, and a Joey Janela/Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express main event, broken up by a strong Britt Baker promo and the latest instalment of From Undesirable to Undeniable.

Let's break down everything that happened on this sloppy show...


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