3 Ups & 7 Downs From WWE NXT UK (3 June)


7. Where's Sha?

NXT UK Prelude Sha Samuels

Noam Dar vs. Ilja Dragunov was an exceptional professional wrestling match, but conspicuous by his absence was Sha Samuels. Where was ‘The East-End Butcher’ when his pal was being battered?

Sha didn’t make a dent on the match, instead staying behind the curtain the entire time. It worked, of course, as an interference in such an exquisite match would damper proceedings slightly, however, there was no reason given as to why he wasn’t there. Commentary didn’t mention him at all.

In kayfabe, the only explanation for this is that he was felled by Nathan Frazer last Thursday. He suffered a loss. That’s it. It wasn’t a dominating defeat either, making this absence all the more suspicious. Let’s hope the Pinky Party are reunited before long. Still, one hell of a match.


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