30 Best WWE Photos Of 2016

2016 was a great year for catching moments in time.

3 Undertaker Intro Shane McMahon

As technology continues to improve at an alarming rate, the art of photography continues to improve dramatically alongside it. Great photographs are being created by even the untrained, so putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of trained professionals is almost guaranteed to produce fantastic results.

2016 has seen many iconic moments in WWE, and luckily there has always been someone there to catch those moments on camera. The year has been full of memorable evening, record-breaking events and shocking returns, and WWE's official website has the images to prove it.

Some pictures stand out because of the pure aesthetics of the frame, a variety of emotions captured on camera in that way that only professional wrestling allows. Sometimes a fairly generic photo can be elevated by the context, moments in time caught on camera.

Here are the 30 best WWE photos of 2016. You may disagree with the order and there will always be preferences, but this memorable year is encapsulated within these images. Roll on 2017.

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