30 Greatest EVER WWE Survivor Series Moments

Debuts, Dudleyz & Deadly Games...


WWE have bastardised the Survivor Series in recent years with underwhelming builds centred around a brand rivalry only WWE superstars themselves would be demonstrably thick enough to actually care about. It's perhaps been a long game played by Vince McMahon to convince the rest of his organisation that the show needs binning off - he's been trying to get shot of it for years.

Throughout the mid-2000s, he constantly teased replacing it with one of his contemporary gimmick ideas - all of which weren't as successful as one he devised to crush NWA's StarrCade in 1987. Back then, the elimination format was an inch-perfect excuse to get the raft of "superstars" he'd assembled on to the card to blow the opposition out of the water. Since then, it's been presented far too much as an inconvenience.

The format thus gets mixed reviews from fans, but has opened Survivor Series up to some singles clashes as good as those from WrestleManias and SummerSlams past. The "Thanksgiving Tradition" might have an ever-changing face, but the fact the show itself has survived over 30 years speaks to some of the moments that have pulled McMahon back from the brink so often...

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