30 Most WTF Moments In WWE Royal Rumble History

What the hell will Kofi Kingston do next?

With the 2016 Royal Rumble fast approaching, what better time to look back at the 28 previous Rumble pay-per-views and pick the most hilarious, bizarre, terrible and flat-out demented moments? Be it surprise entrances, brutal eliminations, shock creative decisions or tropes that have come to define the Rumble over the years, these moments massively shocked audiences and, for better or worse, kept you glued to your TV. Hopefully the 2016 Rumble will serve up plenty of its own insanity, but even if that turns out not to be the case, remember that there's always next year, and always another opportunity for a second McMahon to become a Royal Rumble winner. What? It's still better than letting Batista win again... As we prepare for another wild Rumble match hopefully full of unpredictable moments, rather than rage-inducing ones (and remember, this year it's for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship), here are the 30 most WTF moments in WWE Royal Rumble history.

30. Roman Reigns Beats Kane's Elimination Record (2014)

In 2001, Kane broke Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold's prior joint record of 10 for the most Royal Rumble eliminations scored in a single match, sending 11 wrestlers packing. This record stood until 2014, when Roman Reigns dispatched 12 wrestlers (his elimination of Sheamus being the magic twelfth), though barely two minutes later he was himself eliminated by Batista (but more on that travesty later). It's likely that Reigns' record, which did a great job of putting him over strong, will stand for some time, unless WWE really want to make a point with Brock Lesnar's appearance in the 2016 edition. Let's face it: it would be pretty awesome to see Brock eliminate literally half the entrants. Awesome, and not entirely unbelievable.

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