31 WTF Moments From WWE Night Of Champions 2015

Final Fantasy references, ridiculous ring attire, Xavier Woods' new hairstyle and much more!

Night of Champions 2015 certainly had one of the best on-paper cards for a WWE pay-per-view in quite some time, and it's a pleasant surprise to report that the show was in fact one of the company's most consistent events in a long time. Sure, not every match was amazing and there were more than a few questionable finishes, but the standard of the wrestling itself was very solid throughout, with occasional flecks of brilliance. In short, not a single match sucked, which for a WWE PPV is extremely rare. The higher standard of wrestling didn't make the show any less oddball than ever, though: the usual commentating gaffes, bizarre choices of wardrobe, hilarious botches and outrageous fans all appeared in spades, and ensured that the show will stand tall as one of the more memorable NoC shows of recent years. From the show's pleasantly surprising best to its facepalm-inducingly worst, here are 31 WTF moments from WWE Night of Champions 2015...

31. Byron Asks Booker "Can You Dig That, Sucka?", Booker Isn't Impressed

When the kick-off show begins, Byron starts bigging-up the show's card before saying, "As the man to my left would say, 'can you dig that, sucka?'" Cut to a very confused and disgusted-looking Booker T, who simply gives Byron a thousand-yard stare as he extends his fist for a bump which, of course, goes totally unanswered. Cringe-worthy for sure, but hilarious. All Booker can tell Byron is what everyone else is thinking: "Don't do that ever again. Please."

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