31 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Sept 14)

31. A Conspiracy Theorist

Sister Abigail is one of those rumours that is gathering pace at the moment in the WWE Universe. It looks like the mysterious figure could become an on screen character in the coming months as Bray Wyatt's family continues to grow and Abi (I think I'm allowed to call her that) gets mentioned more and more in The Buzzard's promos. This fan thinks that Stephanie McMahon will be revealed as Sister Abigail. Yes, Stephanie McMahon. How have we come to this conclusion? Well look at the image that appears on that sign...
How on earth would WWE explain that one? And more importantly how would McMahon and Triple H's children react to the news of their mother being Abigail - and everything that comes with that - at their tender and naive years... Surely they would be heading for the border. The mind quite literally boggles at the prospect of this one.
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