32 WTF Moments From WWE Battleground

The longest headlock in wrestling history, Suplex City returns, and much more!

whatculture WWE's Battleground is in its third year now, and it's fair to say that it's probably never going to be one of the company's major shows. The name is unimaginative for one, and the cards haven't exactly been stellar since its recent inception either, with 2015's edition firmly joining them. In fairness, there wasn't a single terrible match on the card, just a lot of passable fare and bouts that didn't really ignite fans' imaginations. Still, as ever, there were a ton of hilarious, weird and off-the-wall moments that made it worth watching, from some distractingly horny fans in the front row, to Xavier Woods being Xavier Woods, and of course, the fiery trainwreck that was the main event. It wasn't a show for the ages and sadly there weren't too many memorable signs from the St. Louis, Missouri crowd, but weirdness and amusement were both still in high supply. So, without any further ado, here are 32 WTF moments from WWE Battleground...

32. Sting's Crow Sound Effect In The Wyatt/Reigns Promo

Things got off to a weird start early in the Battleground pre-show, when during a promo for the Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns match, the signature crow sound effect used for Sting's entrance theme was repeatedly played. This caused the Internet Wrestling Community to massively overreact, of course, assuming that this meant Sting would be interfering during the match to set-up a Wyatt-Sting feud and possible match for SummerSlam. As it turned out, Sting didn't show up at the event, and so it just seems like this was sheer laziness on the part of the production team, recycling a recognisable sound effect because they couldn't be bothered to seek out (or pay for) another one.

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