32 WTF Moments In Triple H's WWE Career

Never let your wife book your character.

Triple H is a fantastic pro wrestler. In terms of in-ring skill and promos, he's one of the most all round performers to ever step foot in WWE. But there's always going to be the asterisk of controversy with Hunter. Backstage he was buddying up with Vince McMahon in the late nineties, then in the early 2000's he was romancing Stephanie McMahon. Unsurprisingly, he ended up the most pushed wrestler of this century. Yet even with the McMahon family behind him, he's somehow still ended up in some of the most ridiculous segments ever seen in WWE. That's the worrying thing, Vince and Stephanie's idea of entertainment can actually be kind of creepy. With Hunter as their play doll, they've put him in some f***** up situations. Even before his fame, there was that sense of him always being in "what the f***" moments. It seems the three initials that Paul Levesque should be associated with aren't HHH, but more like WTF!

32. Teenage Muscle

The fact that Paul Levesque had the body of a man when still a teenager is a WTF moment that precedes even his wrestling career. Not only did he have the body of a man, it was the body of a sculpted muscular superman. Grown men spend hours in the gym, eat all the right things, and still don't get a body that good. Levesque as a teen was just a physical freak, but he also worked insanely hard to attain that level of muscle. The basis and disciplines of weight lifting have served him exceedingly well in finding success with pro wrestling.
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