"Blockbuster Trade" Set For Tonight's WWE Raw?

A major move is reportedly planned as the WWE Draft concludes.

Stephanie McMahon WWE Draft

With the WWE Draft set to conclude on tonight’s episode of Raw, it’s being reported that a “blockbuster trade” will be taking place this evening.

The usually reliable @WrestleVotes had the scoop, with WWE keen to make the Draft seem like a genuine big deal after a bungled start to the Draft on Friday’s SmackDown show.

Ahead of SmackDown, WWE.com had actually already listed the superstars who were to be traded between the company’s red and blue brands in the exact same order that they were due to be assigned a brand.

That was supposedly an error on the part of WWE.com staff, with the website having been handed a list of which talents were to be traded in which order – yet WWE.com made a goof by listing them in that exact order rather than listing stars alphabetically.

Considering that WWE was doing all it could to make the Draft seem legitimate, this whole situation completely took a dump over any sense of legitimacy that WWE, FOX, and the USA Network were trying to drum up.

As a way to correct course and try to salvage the WWE Draft, WWE is reportedly looking to switch things up with at least one major move happening tonight. Just which big name superstar will be switching brands remains to be seen – with WWE going all-out to stop any leaks getting out ahead of tonight’s Raw.

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