"The First Man To Pin Goldberg" Remembers Their Unseen WCW Match

Why Goldberg's legendary WCW winning streak was over before it started.

Chad Fortune
Monster Jam

Ex-WCW star Chad Fortune only wears that Superman outfit because he was the first guy to pin Goldberg.

OK, not really. Fortune left pro wrestling behind in the early-2000s to pursue a career as a monster truck driver, and he successfully pitched a Superman vehicle in 2005. Now, Chad is happy to reminisce about his time in the ring with WCW, WWE and more.

Specifically, he recalls beating then-rookie Goldberg before a WCW Saturday Night taping on 24 July 1997. For reference, that was 60 days before Bill made an explosive TV debut on the 22 September '97 Nitro and kickstarted his incredible 173-0 winning streak.


Fortune appeared on the 'Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling' podcast and said he'd come up through WCW's Power Plant training facility with Goldberg. Chad could see that Bill was special, so he was a little shocked when Arn Anderson told him he'd be the one going over during their Saturday Night dark match.

According to Fortune, Goldberg took the loss in stride and still jokes about it today. The pair have remained good friends, and share a laugh about their different career paths whenever they catch up.


Chad claims he didn't think too much about the win until somebody told him that Goldberg still remembers it all these years on.

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