34 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Sept 7)


WWE were in need of something to stem the tide of poor ratings in recent weeks so Sting was called in a matter of days ago. The initial plan for this week's show was to have Kane return, probably in his mask, but that has been pushed back a couple of weeks as the powers that be obviously thought that having that and The Stinger would be too much for one episode. Sting's return was confirmed last Thursday with the hope that his appearance would produce the spike in the ratings it did two weeks ago when he hijacked Seth Rollins' statue reveal at the end of the show. The former WCW Champion also appeared on last week's event but a shock third showing in a row, in WWE's eyes at least, would banish the memory of last week's worst ever SmackDown rating in history. As well as Kane, there would be another couple of glaring omissions from the show. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were tweeting pictures of their family holiday in the build up to the show while Lana suffered a Colles€™ fracture in her wrist while training for her in ring debut on Sunday. John Cena, however, would be on the show after being passed fit by the company's medics. The former United States champion was the victim of a botched 'infrared' during a house show match against Kevin Owens last week, causing damaged to his head. But he was able to work Saturday€™s show in Charlotteville, Virginia, in a match where he defeated Owens. Here's 34 WTF moments from the show...

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