35 WTF Moments From SummerSlam 2015

Seth Rollins is a Power Ranger, Roman Reigns falls asleep, and awful finishes are everywhere...

The first ever 4-hour SummerSlam has now come and gone, and living up to its status as the company's second flagship pay-per-view, it was an epic show that won't soon be forgotten. Though fans are likely going to be complaining about that main event finish forever more, few could call the event dull: it was full of extras both weird and hilarious that viewers will be talking about for a long time. From some of the worst Photoshopping the company has ever done to hilarious chants and signs from one of the smarkiest recent PPV crowds, ludicrous new attires, one shocking heel turn and everything in-between, it was one for the ages, even if the lack of Brock murdering Cena makes it automatically inferior to last year's show. Here are 35 WTF moments from SummerSlam 2015...

35. "The Superman Is Going To Team Up With The Joker" - Renee Young

Making WWE fans the world over wonder early on whether or not the show was sponsored by DC Comics, SummerSlam's pre-show began with an amusing comment from Renee Young as she promoted the Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper match, proclaiming, "We are going to see the Superman, he's going to team up with The Joker." It's an amusing image, but it does raise one question: if these guys are Supes and the Clown Prince of Crime, then who exactly in the DC Universe are Wyatt and Harper? One bright spark on Twitter suggested Scarecrow and Killer Crow.

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