35 WTF Moments From WWE Raw (30 Nov)

Two surprise returns, a brand new stable, and the dawning of 'Sheamus 5:15'.

This week's Raw was one of those rare shows where a lot seemed to go down. Despite having a three hour timeslot to play around with, WWE are usually pretty damn good at forcing a whole lot of filler down our throats - from cookie-cutter booking to drawn-out comedy segments, all washed down with an endless series of recaps and hype packages. This week, however, exciting things actually happened. We were treated to two big returns (one completely out of the blue), the formation of a brand new stable, and a whole host of New Day-centric shenanigans. All that, plus the chance to see Ryback hit a missile dropkick? How could you resist digging into our batch of 'WTF Moments' this week?

35. Big E. Gets Disrespectful

The New Day started things off with a charming promo, in which they ripped apart the city of Pittsburgh. The Tag Team Champions are never above a little old-school heelery, particularly when it comes to insulting a local sports team or two. This week, the Steelers were in the firing line, as Big E. took one of the team's signature 'Terrible Towels' and used it to wipe...well...everywhere. Reminiscent of Shawn Michaels with the Canadian flag. Credit to WrasslorMonkey for capturing this lovely moment in gif form.
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