37 WTF Moments From WWE Raw (April 4)

From jobbing to Y2J to becoming the new number 1 contender...

For the second show in a row, I'm writing a WTF Moments article after seeing the event in person. 

It's a habit that I could get used to, but I'll be back to doing them blind from next week. 

Vince McMahon kicked off what is always 'the' RAW of the year and promised this would be an episode that we'd never forget. Unfortunately, despite an ending that quite literally everybody in the arena welcomed with open arms, this was a pretty forgettable event. 

Shane McMahon returned to confront his father fresh from his Hell In A Cell Defeat to The Undertaker, bidding his farewells to the WWE Universe in the process. Rather bemusingly, Vince gave control of Monday's RAW to Shane, rendering the HIAC match rather pointless in the short term. 

This, of course, had the crowd pumped for what looked like being a monumental and potentially pivotal show as WWE started off their new calendar following WrestleMania 32 on Sunday. 

Of course, there were those moments that left us scratching our eyes and proclaiming WTF! 

As King of WTF, I'm all for bringing the very best to my Loyal Subjects, so well as the action in the ring this week's list includes an entry about the WhatCulture boys. They also had their own WTF Moment after the show went off the air. 

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