'The True Story Of Royal Rumble' DVD Set For December Release

Time to make space on the DVD shelf once again.

Royal Rumble poster

Set to be released in the UK on December 5th, 'The True Story of Royal Rumble' DVD will take a behind the scenes look at arguably the most entertaining and anticipated match on WWE's annual calendar.

The synopsis says as much, stating that the DVD will take 'a behind the scenes look at the event that sets the stage for WWE's biggest stage at WrestleMania. Hear from the winners and losers, and the creator of the most intense match in WWE'.

The Royal Rumble is one of the most fun matches of the year, without doubt. Even if every year it feel somewhat disappointing due to the lack of surprises and usually obvious winner, watching superstars run down to the ring every 90 seconds to get their stuff in is always a lot of fun.

As such, I'm sure this DVD will be a hoot. If nothing else we'll get to see Pat Patterson discussing how he came up with the concept in his fantastic accent.

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