4 Major Segments/Matches Confirmed For WWE SmackDown

Tonight's show is pretty packed...

WWE has promised a packed episode of SmackDown tonight on FOX.

Jeff Hardy will wrestle 'King' Corbin in a match the company are calling part of Jeff's "redemption tour". The other big bout on tap is Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus - that, if handed some serious time, could be a real winner. Neither man is the kind to shy away from stiff, physical matches.

Away from the ring, Bray Wyatt will host a special edition of his 'Firefly Fun House' segment. The Universal Champ wannabe is set to address what happened at the end of last week's SmackDown; Bray's alter ego, the 'Fiend', stalked Alexa Bliss and slapped the Mandible Claw on her.


Finally, Sonya Deville will act as a "special correspondent" for The Miz and John Morrison during their 'Dirt Sheet' talk show skit. WWE are advertising some follow-up to Deville's backstage attack on Mandy Rose during last Friday's episode.

It's worth pointing out that WWE will only have two more episodes of SmackDown before SummerSlam (which happens on 23 August) after this one. That means they better get moving on some pay-per-view build.

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