4 MAJOR Title Changes At WWE Extreme Rules 2019

A big night of changes as WWE reshuffle the deck in Philadelphia.

Brock Lesnar Universal Champion

One of the most eventful main roster WWE pay-per-views of 2019 has just gone off the air, with Extreme Rules bringing four major title changes across its five-hour runtime.

The first came on the Kickoff Show, with Shinsuke Nakamura besting Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor in a brisk 7:40 encounter, scoring his first title since losing the United States strap in January.

On the main card, The New Day took Daniel Bryan and Rowan's SmackDown Tag Team Championships in a match that also featured Heavy Machinery. The end came following an awesome showdown between Big E and Daniel Bryan, culminating with the New Day's powerhouse plucking his opponent out of the sky before Xavier Woods finished it with the Midnight Drive.

Later, a thrilling United States Championship encounter saw AJ Styles go head-to-head with Ricochet. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows proved difference-makers at ringside, with their involvement allowing 'The Phenomenal One' to hit a top rope Styles Clash for the W.

Then, finally, Brock Lesnar made good on Paul Heyman's Money In The Bank cash-in promise, flattening Seth Rollins with a single F5 after the former 'Beast Slayer' had successfully defended his strap with a pin on Baron Corbin.

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