4 Title Changes At WWE SummerSlam 2018

3. Charlotte Flair Wins The SmackDown Women's Title

Charlotte Flair Women's Champion

A textbook WWE-style Triple Threat bout concluded with champion Carmella trapped in Becky Lynch's Dis-Arm-Her finisher, before 'The Lass Kicker's' apparent best friend, Charlotte, came out of nowhere to hit the Natural Selection, securing the victory.

The match itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but the afters delivered a major swerve. Lynch turned on Flair, battering her all around ringside, before throwing her over the announce table in an apparent heel turn. The crowd reactions didn't fall in line, though. Becky's assault was met with thunderous cheers, and Charlotte (the sympathetic party in all this) was serenaded with chants of "you deserve it!" as she lay in tears.


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