4 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Rampage (Feb 9 - Results & Review)

The Young Bucks go new; AEW splits a stable; CMLL's invasion still sags.

Adam Cole Undisputed Kingdom

This was a rock solid episode of Rampage.

That's it. That's the intro. OK, not really, but the opening sentence sure does a neat job summing it up. Tony Khan operated a no-frills policy on Friday's hour - it pushed a coming International Title match at Revolution, the ongoing CMLL invasion, The Young Bucks new toned-down (sort of) direction and Ruby Soho's split from Saraya.

Here's the thing: Everyone knows that Rampage is a peripheral product in 2024, but most fans do still expect TK and pals to give them some good wrestling and some worthwhile storytelling when they sit down to watch for 60 minutes. Despite some 'Downs' here or there, this week's show absolutely earned a tick in both boxes.

Highlight of the night came from Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, which sure isn't something this writer thought he'd be typing here. Regular readers will know the chap writing this has never been particularly fond of The Bucks' style, but they're revelling in the beauty of this heel run.

Here's all the good and bad you need to know about from the 'C' tier show!

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