4 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Rampage (Jan 27)

Danhausen = over; Hangman Page prepares for Jon Moxley; Jamie Hayter deserves better.

Best Friends AEW

Sorry to the well-meaning AEW fan who held up the sign above on this week's Rampage, but Best Friends don't have enough members to carry 873 belts. Was that a dig at All Elite's bursting trophy cabinet? Yes, yes it was, but you won't find too much negativity in this week's article.

Friday night's show was functional-but-fun.

Tony Khan likely knows this episode will get swallowed up by all the WWE Royal Rumble excitement happening elsewhere this weekend. That wouldn't have excused the boss for delivering a crap episode, but...he didn't. In fact, Rampage had some seriously good stuff on it that's well-worth your time.

There's still a slight concern on the women's side of things though. Reigning champ Jamie Hayter is kinda playing second fiddle to Britt Baker despite holding the belt, and she really could do with a bit more focus from those calling the shots. That's one of only two 'Downs' this week though.

Rampage featured a hot opener, a banter-filled six-man, a squash match presentation that was actually worthwhile, and it used some real-life drama to kickstart a new story. Everything breezed by without overstaying its welcome too, which was great.

Here's all the good and bad.

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