4 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE NXT UK (20 May)


3. Lol, He's Young

Sha Samuels Nathan Frazer
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Nathan Frazer lost to Noam Dar in a stellar Heritage Cup Rules bout last Thursday. It’s a loss that only happened due to Sha Samuels’ interference, so of course, the former Ben Carter had to approach ‘The East-End Butcher’ last night. That’s how wrestling works!

Frazer confronted Sha backstage, challenging him to a bout. The basics were there for a fine promo, had Sha not reverted to the easiest of blows, referencing Frazer’s far younger age. Of course he’ll his mum and dad’s permission to wrestle each match! How original.

It’ll be a solid match no doubt, but it could have gone without this confrontation. There was already a story in place to warrant a match between the duo. Not everything needs a two to three-minute promo where one guy rips the piss out of the other just because he’s younger, shorter, skinnier, bald, et al. Weak, weak booking.


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