4 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE NXT UK (Nov 14)

Second City Saints & Sinners.


Another double bill of NXT UK this week, with shows that were overdue in more ways the one.

After weeks of waiting, the company finally unveiled a Women's Championship, even though the result has been spoiled for anybody that may have seen the eventual victor in the flesh. WWE fell too far behind too quickly with these initial batched tapings - the sooner they reach a pace in keeping with Full Sail's NXT, the better.

Furthermore, England's 'Second City' has long been underserved by WWE as a viable television destination, not least for this particular project. The brand's three biggest stars have emerged from a booming Birmingham scene - shouldn't more have been made of the locale? Though a side room at the National Exhibition Centre during the 'Insomnia63' gaming festival didn't exactly provide the most glamourous aesthetic, it did at least furnish the city with its first televised action from the company since 2007.

During that taping cycle, Hornswoggle literally blew up the ring with Jonathan Coachman under it. The localised British brand couldn't be that cartoonish. Could it?


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