4 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Dec 13)

Christmas ham.

In typical WWE fashion, the babyface got his revenge on this week's SmackDown. In atypical WWE fashion, there's a question hanging over who will win between 'King' Corbin and Roman Reigns at TLC. It's not a big question as such (Reigns is surely bound for bigger things during WrestleMania season and is the firm favourite), but at least Baron didn't end the night on top and give the game away completely.

That's a minor up, and SmackDown had four major ones.

Of course, there were also some downs. WWE creative has been sleeping since Survivor Series, and it's like their alarms have just gone off and they've realised there's another pay-per-view this Sunday. December's annual romp through weaponry couldn't be less important if it tried. Hell, it doesn't even look like either World Championship will be on the line.

On the plus side, SmackDown had some of the best acting in recent WWE history. The surprising thing is that an Oscar-worthy performance came from someone who can barely say her own name yet. Even kids know Bray Wyatt is a scary bastard...

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