4 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE SmackDown (May 29)

Are you ready for a RUDE time?

Well, that was unexpected.

WWE decided to book Elias and Jeff Hardy out of their respective Intercontinental Title tournament matches on this week's SmackDown with one controversial angle. The company know exactly what they're doing here; they knew that Twitter would blow up with outrage over the kayfabe use of Hardy's personal demons.

They did it anyway, and that won't sit well with some people. The fact it got an 'Up' in this article is also likely to anger some, but read on for an explanation. You'll find other goodies too, including some smart foreshadowing, and another barmy pre-tape to add to pro wrestling 2020's ever-growing list of sheer, madcap weirdness.

Sadly, there are more negatives to report on than positives. In fact, this week has double the amount of 'Downs' than last week's show did. Further, there's one less 'Up'. That might make Friday's episode look lame, and in many respects it was, but it will be one of the most talked-about and newsworthy editions this year.

As the subheading says, "Are you ready for a rude time?". You better be...

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