42 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (May 23)

1200 and still going strong...

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Episode 1200... would WWE do anything monumental to mark the occasion? If they did, it would be hard to top what happened as Sunday's Extreme Rules pay per view was going off the air.

Seth Rollins' unexpected return has just shaken the game up once again, as The Architect looks like being thrusted straight back into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture.

In doing so, WWE finally have someone who could legitimately take the big prize off Roman Reigns. You just got that feeling that no matter how many phenomenal matches AJ Styles had, that stigma of him not being a 'home grown' talent would prevent him from capturing the title.

Ahead of Monday's show, a series of qualifying matches for the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV were announced that promised a night where the action in the ring would far surpass anything taking place outside of it.

Then of course, we'd have all the fall out from the other matches that took place at Extreme Rules, with farcical proceedings likely to continue in the Women's Championship picture... Dana Brooke, man, I still can't get my head around that call.

As always there were those moments that left me screaming WTF. Here's a lot of them...

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42. Why Did You Bother?

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Taking a bring back CM Punk sign to a WWE event in 2016... come on now.

In fact, taking a bring back CM Punk sign to any WWE event in general since the night following the 2014 Royal Rumble is a bonafide WTF Moment.

This hopeless fan would have been just as well off by taking a bring back Chris Benoit sign...

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