44 WTF Moments From WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Ric Flair...the rapist?

The Royal Rumble is over for another year, and though 2016's edition was pretty damn far from a classic, it did boast its share of solid bouts, as well as a Rumble match which was at least superior to the painful previous two. WrestleMania may feel like it's slotting into fairly predictable place, though there's still plenty left unanswered, especially considering the sheer number of wrestlers still on the injured list and likely to be past April. This year's Royal Rumble show still delivered the usual weirdness fans expect from a WWE PPV: outrageously smarky signs, obnoxious crowd members, occasional moments of genuine surprise, epic botches...and those tone deaf booking misfires that make everyone ask, "But...why!?" Here are 44 WTF moments from the WWE Royal Rumble 2016...

44. Eva Marie Is The Poster Girl For Fastlane?

During the pre-show tag match (which would see the winning team earn two spots in the Royal Rumble itself), we cut to a commercial for various shows coming to the WWE Network, ending with a glimpse at next month's pay-per-view event, Fastlane. That's all well and good, right? Except that the brief clip featured widely-maligned NXT "talent" Eva Marie appearing as the show's poster girl, featured in a glossy graphic where she throws down two flags. Was there really nobody else who would've been better suited for this gig? Really?

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