44 WTF Moments From WWE TLC 2015

Craziest move ever?

TLC is never exactly one of the more hyped-up annual PPVs, but it can provide an interesting lead into the Royal Rumble from time to time. This year's show wasn't a classic but far from a disaster: it opened with one incredible match and everything else on the card sadly but predictably failed to live up to it. As ever, though, there's plenty of weirdness to keep things interesting even through the typical lulls: King's awkward commentary, the hilarious signs, the bizarre booking choices, and quite possibly one of the most insane spots that has ever been attempted in WWE history. If you saw it live, you probably won't forget that jaw-dropping "holy s***" feeling, one that's pretty damn rare coming from the WWE these days. The show at least ended with some interesting implications for the weeks ahead before the Royal Rumble, particularly as it pertains to the characterisation of Roman Reigns. The match stipulations were still weird and the show as a whole just left us pining for the days of the hardcore Attitude Era, but even so, it was nice to see the brutality get ratcheted up a little. Here are 44 WTF moments from WWE TLC 2015...

44. Renee Ribs Kevin Owens' Weight

The TLC kick-off show opens with a clip from last week's Raw, where Dean Ambrose threw a bucket of popcorn and cup of soda at Kevin Owens' face, causing Renee Young to remark, "I hope that was diet pop!" We get it, Owens is fat, but come on, do the commentators really need to crack jokes about it alongside the wrestlers? It sure ain't gonna help him get over and stay over...

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