5 Best & 5 Worst Moments From WWE Raw's 3 Hour Era

You are watching the longest running weekly episodic television show in history. Aren't you??


In July 2012, WWE held a three-hour special of their flagship show Monday Night Raw. Only this special was extra-special. So special in fact, that it would commence an era of every show being 'extra-special'.

Kicking off with the celebratory Raw 1000 (which, admittedly, was an achievement worth trumpeting), Monday night wrestling went one hour longer. Subsequently, weekly followers have now literally spent hundreds more hours watching the show in the last half-decade than they would have done previously. Back-to-back, it would be possible to watch every edition of the show from the start up to some point in 1997 with that time.

But would it be time better spent?

There are always criticisms to be made of the current product with many of them fair, but the increasingly bloated broadcast has still been capable of offering some of the greatest moments in company history over nearly six years at 180 minutes.

Of course, whilst the increased run-time should foster more moments like these, it inevitably kicks the door wide open for sprawling, unmanaged drivel that dominates an episode and leaves a bad taste for the product at large.

Several years down with no end in immediate sight, does the evidence stack up that the highlights cancel out the cavernous lows?


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