5 Big Things William Regal Could Announce For NXT

"I'm going to make an announcement next week that will change the landscape of NXT."

William Regal

The figurehead role of general manager is usually a short-lived one in WWE, with most of them lasting no longer than a couple of years. While some may come back into power later, even those extensions have nothing on William Regal's almost seven year term.

Used as a heel, unable to properly show off his legitimate skills and technical mastery in WWE whilst competing in the ring, Regal arguably fits into the general manager role more than he fit in anywhere else on the roster.

The brass knuckles that remain a fixture in his office remind viewers that this is a man who is wise to every dirty trick because he used them, and the air of authority and experience that he projects helps keep the young egos of the talents on his roster in check, and usually respectful.

By limiting his exposure somewhat compared to other general managers, Regal has attained a level which sees people take notice when he's on-screen because something big is normally happening.

So, when that man says he has an announcement that will change the face of NXT, we had no choice but to put together these guesses for what next week's big reveal could be.

5. NXT Going To AEW

William Regal

Let's start with the one that totally, definitely isn't happening and has probably been proven to be completely untrue by the time this article is published. It's ridiculous, preposterous even, to think that the WWE's developmental brand could move over to the big competitor.

And yet, when "No More BS" Paul Wight teased "a Hall Of Fame worthy talent that is a huge surprise and a huge asset to AEW", exactly which Hall Of Fame was he talking about? When he mentioned Evolution instead of the new AEW show Elevation, could that have been a slip of the tongue that referred to the stable once run by Triple H?

Let us remember that NXT is about to move to Tuesday nights where it will no longer run against AEW, presumably increasing viewership of both shows and ending the Wednesday Night Wars. Could the peace treaty have been written, bringing Triple H over to AEW with the entire NXT and 205 Live roster under him? He did, after all, miss the critically rated (not highly, but it was rated) invasion angle, and this would be his chance to relive it.


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