5 Culprits Who Could Be WWE SmackDown's Truth-Telling Glitch Hacker

'The Truth Will Be Heard'.

Few things are known about WWE's truth-seeking hacker, and the writers probably like it that way.

The questions are abundant. Will the company use this glitch-causing gimmick as an excuse to introduce a brand new character to the SmackDown roster? Is it someone jumping over from Raw (possibly even NXT) or someone already on the Friday night ranks? What are their intentions? Are they working for a higher power or acting independently? Are 'they' male or female?

On the go home edition of SmackDown before WrestleMania 36, the shadowy figure exposed Sonya Deville's attempt to hijack blossoming romance between pal Mandy Rose and ham-loving klutz Otis. 'The Truth Will Be Heard' flashed across the screen, and the secretive sleuth appeared to be a hooded male who enjoys over-the-top button presses.

That, on the surface at least, appears to answer one question.

Some fans on social media had guessed it might be Matt Hardy's new gimmick before the 'Broken' one danced merrily off to AEW. So, if not Hardy then who could it be? Only a slice of detective work that'd rival WWE's mysterious hacker could hope to find out...


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