5 Dream WWE Matches Even Saudi Arabia (Probably) Can't Even Afford

3. Hulk Hogan Vs. John Cena


'The Hulkster' would no doubt be up for this. He even made his return to WWE in Saudi Arabia after an absence due to controversy (something the Saudi Kingdom is no stranger to either, of course). It also appears Hogan only ever stopped lacing up the boots and going bell to bell because he was forced to, rather than making the decision himself.

The former 'Doctor Of Thugonomics' wouldn't be so keen, however. He even pulled out of his last scheduled appearance at a Saudi show late on due to not wanting to be associated with the nation, as he too sets his sights on conquering Hollywood. Not that he missed much by not participating in the WWE World cup tournament anyhow, where he no doubt would have been outclassed by 'Best In The World' Shane McMahon! Wink, wink.

Then there's also the spanner in the works of 'The Immortal One' being decades past his prime, immortality or not. 'Taker Vs Goldberg would look like a masterpiece compared to this potential match up. In fact, Hogan's sex tape would even be less brutal to watch! Okay, okay, it wouldn't be that bad.

While it's intriguing to envision the biggest baby faces of their generations and two of the greatest superstars of all time colliding, without a time machine it's not something that'd be worth witnessing. The Saudis may open the vault, Hogan may dive on in, but you won't be able to see Cena anywhere near this one.


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