5 Early Successes Of Triple H's Run As Head Of WWE Creative (And 5 Failures)

It's time to rate the Game... and the job he is doing as the WWE Head of Creative.

Kevin Owens Drew McIntyre

It's been nearly two months since Triple H made his startling ascent to the top of WWE's creative, and the whole company feels different.

Seemingly on the way out before his terrifying health scare in 2021, due to NXT's crushing defeat to AEW and failure to create the next batch of stars, Paul Levesque's return to power in the midst of Vince McMahon's enforced resignation has been an incredible 180. From the very likely removal completely to the most powerful man not named Nick Khan, the Game has had a roller coaster few months.

As have we, the fans.

There is no denying that, for a few years, Triple H's NXT was the most exciting wrestling promotion on the planet, and there was tangible excitement of what would happen should he take the reigns of WWE. Whilst his in-ring career was littered with controversary befitting a man who did anything to stay on top, we know that the multi-time WWE Champion understands this business.

He knows how to get over, get other people over, and judging by his NXT run, has his finger on the pulse of the wrestling landscape. His vision for WWE is evidently different to the stagnant, stale product that had been floundering under Vince McMahon.

It's been nice to be excited about WWE for the first time in years, and in the two months since the King of Kings took the throne, there have been some huge successes, but also, a few failures to boot.

10. Failure - Liv Morgan's Run

Kevin Owens Drew McIntyre

For the past few years, Liv Morgan has built up a real connection with the WWE fans and has garnered a ground swell of support that ultimately led her to claiming the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year. If her unsuccessful attempts at dethroning Becky Lynch at the beginning of the year were the litmus test, then she clearly passed it.

Fans were ecstatic to see the former Riott Squad member ascend the ladder and grab her shot, and it seemed like WWE were on a pretty clear path to building a new, credible champion. The only problem was, Liv is a babyface and the champion at the time, was Ronda Rousey.

Nothing against Liv, but she just doesn't have the credibility in the bank to topple the former UFC fighter, and so, just like they unforgivably did with Big E last year, WWE had her cash in on an injured Rousey to essentially steal the belt.

Enter Triple H, who had the chance to course correct pretty quickly, but all he offered us was her successfully retaining the belt against Rousey at SummerSlam under dubious circumstances and then claim she was worthy. The fans didn't agree, as show by how some have booed Liv Morgan and left the WWE Smackdown! Women's Champion visibly rattled.

A similar fate followed against Shayna Baszler, and right now, Morgan feels dead in the water as a credible, babyface champion.


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