5 Fictional Wrestling Locations We’d Love To Visit (And 5 We’d Prefer To Avoid)

Parts Unknown is beatiful this time of year.

Parts Unknown WWE

The world of professional wrestling is filled with some of the most eccentric characters one could ever expect to encounter.

This unique genre of entertainment has also created several very bizarre locations from which these over the top personas claim to have originated from.

The Bottomless Pit, the hometown of the worm-eating Boogeyman, is the classic example of a pro-wrestling-inspired destination that would most certainly qualify as out the ordinary. That being said, it's also quite thought-provoking, isn't it? There are definitely some questions that need to be answered here.

Where is this mysterious local known as The Bottomless Pit? Are all its inhabitants inclined to bite mole's off the faces of unsuspecting image consultants? Do they cling to the walls? These are very intriguing questions.

However, when it comes to professional wrestling's most peculiar places, there is but one question that looms the largest: Would it be a nice place to visit?

After years of tireless research and countless interviews with various inhabitants, it is now time to present five otherworldly wrestling destinations worth visiting - and five that would-be travellers should probably steer clear of.

10. Avoid: The Other Side Of The Tracks (Deuce 'N Domino)

Parts Unknown WWE

The Other Side of the Tracks is the hometown of former WWE Tag Team Champions, Deuce 'n Domino ⁠— along with their roller skating pal (and valet), Cherry. Similar locations have been depicted in films like West Side Story and Grease.

On the plus side, there is always the possibility the inhabits could break out into a bitchin' song a dance routine. Moreover, those who appreciate a good poodle skirt and dated stereotypes might find this side of the tracks quite appealing on the surface.

That being said, this location is also fraught with danger. The constant gang-fighting and occasional stabbing make The Other Side of the Tracks a less than ideal family vacation destination.

As such, Deuce 'n Domino's place of origin should be avoided.


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