5 HUGE WWE NXT UK Prelude Predictions You Need To Know

WALTER vs. Rampage Brown headlines a WrestleMania week edition of NXT UK.

NXT UK Prelude Rampage Brown WALTER

This year is arguably the biggest WrestleMania week ever.

Not only do we have the traditional Raw and SmackDown before 'Mania - the latter of which being a special WrestleMania-themed edition of the blue show - but everything has been bulked up. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony had two induction classes. NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver spans over two nights. WrestleMania 37 itself is once again two nights.

For the first time ever, NXT UK will also get a taste of the festivities with NXT UK Prelude - a special edition of their weekly show, airing on Thursday, 8 April. This is, of course, the same night as the second part of the aforementioned NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

It's unquestionably the least anticipated WWE-related show of WrestleMania week, sadly. NXT UK just doesn't have the same amount of effort put into it that the proper NXT receives.

This night deserves every bit of attention, though. Despite only having three confirmed matches, there is still the possibility for a bit of history to be made. Will WALTER finally drop the NXT UK Championship? Will Emilia McKenzie prevail in her official NXT UK in-ring debut? Or will Moustache Mountain have some issues?

5. Heritage Cup Rules Match: Noam Dar Vs. Tyler Bate

NXT UK Prelude Rampage Brown WALTER

We'll get on to the aftermath of this match in just a moment, but as far as the next challenger to A-Kid's Heritage Cup is concerned, it'll be decided between Noam Dar and Tyler Bate.

The anticipation isn't really there for this match, with the overarching story really being focused on that they'll each have their respective tag partners in their corner; Sha Samuels and Trent Seven. It's not a good story. It's no surprise, considering this all stems from a run-in on Dar's Supernova Sessions talk show, but from an in-ring standpoint, it's sure to be a certified banger.

As the inaugural NXT UK Champion, Bate has had some of the brand's most prolific matches; vs. WALTER at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, vs. Jordan Devlin at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, and vs. Pete Dunne at NXT TakeOver: Chicago were all mammoth encounters. Still, 'The Big Strong Boi' shouldn't be hotshotted back into the title picture quite yet.

Not when there's another star who's yet to receive such an opportunity.

Yes, Bate vs. A-Kid would be great, but we've seen it already. When you've got the option to relive a past match or create a whole new one, you must always choose the latter.

Winner: Noam Dar

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