5 Most Emotional Moments In UFC History

4. Jon Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier 2

The UFC has seen numerous rivalries across its history. Obviously it’s the fight game, but of late, nothing has matched the genuine hatred between the former double champ Daniel Cormier and consensus G.O.A.T Jonny Bones Jones.

These boys hate one another, for so many contrasting reasons. It's the story of a seemingly undefeatable bad-man in Jones versus an American Olympian family man, or a company man who has stepped in to save some of the UFC’s biggest cards of recent years on short notice versus an absolute wildman who you never know, might come through and finish someone after a week of partying. All the media day scuffles and bad energy set us up perfectly for Jones' return to the fight game in July 2017 at UFC 214.

A savage and left high kick which Bones had been setting up the entire fight landed on DC flush, forcing him to retreat sharpish. But once Jon smelt blood he sprung in for the kill. After the judges' decision, it seemed the animosity, the size of the spectacle and the realisation of what happened was all too much for the “Baddest Dad“ in the game who broke out into tears whilst offering his comments. At this point, if your heart didn't break a little, you're probably bionic and at least need an oil change. You can’t help but empathise with the big man for laying it all on the line and not being scared to show just how much both the loss (and I imagine the head kick) hurt.

The result was later overturned to a draw after Jones tested pico hot and the UFC returned the belt to Daniel because frankly there aren't many others who you’d want as the face of your division. He was turned into a meme immediately however, before the event had even come off PPV.


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