5 Moves KENTA Will Not Be Allowed To Use In WWE

The irony is not lost on us...

After months of speculation top Japanese star Kenta Kobayashi, aka KENTA, finally agreed to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment. On July 12th in front of a hot Osaka crowd the man some call €˜The Black Sun€™ joined Hulk Hogan and 'Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart in the centre of the ring to officially sign a long term deal that will see him join the ranks of America€™s top wrestling promotion. Ever since then speculation has been running high as to how the WWE will utilise him. If you€™re new to this game then you may not understand the way Vince McMahon likes to work and how he couldn't care less if someone is a huge star in another organisation. If he didn't make you a star then you sure aren't going to be presented like one €“ with only the occasional exception. There€™s also the very real danger that KENTA will be packaged under one of the classic, out dated stereotypes WWE still likes to burden its talents with. Remember how big a deal they made of Ultimo Dragon and Sin Cara before jobbing them into obscurity? Assuming KENTA avoids the €˜typical€™ Japanese gimmicks there€™s another, bigger problem facing him €“ and for once it isn't his size. KENTA is something of an innovator in the wrestling business and has stamped his name all over some white-hot moves over the years. The problem is many of them are currently being used by some of WWE€™s most recent top stars which begs the question: Where does this leave Kenta Kobayashi? Click the next button now and take a look at 5 moves KENTA will probably never be allowed to use again as the newest WWE Superstar.
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