5 Potential WWE TLC 2019 Opponents For Brock Lesnar

Who next for The Beast Incarnate?


Despite a thrilling No Holds Barred match at Survivor Series on Sunday, Brock Lesnar remains WWE Champion.

No-one gave Rey Mysterio a prayer against 'The Beast Incarnate' despite the 'No Holds Barred' stipulation at the pay-per-view, and yet you have to admit that when Rey and his son Dominik both covered Lesnar following multiple low blows, chair shots and a double 619, you thought the title might change hands.

It didn't of course; Lesnar kicked out, threw Dominik across the ring and caught Mysterio coming off the top to nail him with an F5 for the pinfall victory.

Nevertheless, after yet another brilliant David vs. Goliath showing for Brock at Survivor Series, fans are keen to see who will step up and challenge for the WWE Championship next.

There seems to be a presumption that Lesnar will hold the title until WrestleMania 36, where once again he will be dethroned in an attempt to crown another top star. However, this is wrestling, plans change and depending on his foe at TLC, he might not hold the title into 2020.

Here are five potential opponents at the last show of the year for Brock Lesnar....


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