5 Reasons WWE Is Losing Fans In The Post-Kayfabe Era

Kayfabe is dead and WWE is feeling the effects.


It's fair to say, by any reasonable measure, 2019 has not been a good year for WWE. Ratings are low, stock prices are down, and a large portion of the fanbase seems disillusioned with the product as a whole.

There are plenty of reasons why professional wrestling, or at least WWE, is struggling to maintain their fanbase, but there is one catalyst that is often overlooked in these types of discussions —the death of kayfabe.

Since the early-twentieth-century, a large portion of the public has known professional wrestling was more entertainment than traditional sport. The being said, WWE decided to keep kayfabe alive up until around the time the Attitude Era was in full swing.

Fortunately, at that point, the Monday Night Wars were well underway and the effects of kayfabe's demise weren't immediately felt or in some cases hadn't yet manifested.

However, once fans were allowed behind the curtain (metaphorically speaking), professional wrestling changed forever.

The death of kayfabe has had many consequences and is now playing a major role in WWE's inability to stimulate an increasingly disinterested audience.

To illustrate the previous point, it's time to take a look at five examples of problems that the post-kayfabe error has created for Vince McMahon and company.

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