5 Reasons WWE Must Book A Divas Royal Rumble In 2016


Earlier this year Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Women€™s Champion Sasha Banks all made their debut on the WWE€™s main roster to spark the beginning of the Divas Revolution. However, despite the fact that the Divas Division is now packed with a number of very talented wrestlers these days the so-called €œRevolution€ has largely been a failure. The reasons for this failure are numerous, however it mainly comes down to the decision to put the Divas into random nonsensical factions, a lack of any real storyline and a failure to make proper use of the more talented Divas involved in the Revolution. As a result the WWE fans have largely lost interest in the Divas Revolution storyline and they made their feelings clear at the post-Summerslam Raw when they hijacked a match between Team PCB and Team Bella by chanting €œJBL€ and €œSasha Banks€ and engaging in a number of Mexican waves. A number of suggestions have been made about how to revive the Revolution, but one idea that hasn€™t been suggested yet is to have the first ever Divas Royal Rumble Match as the co-main event at next year€™s Royal Rumble PPV...

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