5 Things To Watch On WWE Network This Week (Aug 25)

5. Daddy & Daughter Reflect On WWE Photo Shoot

WWE Photo Shoot Ric Charlotte Flair
WWE Network

This marks the second time Charlotte Flair has been a guest on WWE Photo Shoot. Her last appearance in March had the current SmackDown Women's Champion looking at pics of her early years in NXT, some candid shots with real-life pals like Becky Lynch and even that shot of her dad dropping an elbow onto nobody in his underwear.


In the latest edition of Photo Shoot, Ric himself joins the party, and it's clear from the off that Charlotte dotes on her father. That affection is reciprocated from daddy to daughter too, and it brings out the best in both as they look over some snaps of them together down through the years.

Arguably the best insight comes when the Flairs talk about Ric's match with Randy Savage at WrestleMania VIII, but it's also interesting to hear Charlotte discuss an old NXT Diva photoshoot. She's almost cringing her way through that one, and she makes sure to note how far she, Bayley and Sasha Banks have come as performers since.


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