5 Things We Learned From WWE Chronicle: Becky Lynch

The writers are responsible for 'The Man's popularity. Shocker.

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Every time the WWE Network drops a new edition of their fly-on-the-wall documentaries, 24 and Chronicle, it provokes an ambivalent reaction.

On the one hand, it's excitement. The features are almost universally outstanding, offering unique insight into the company's talent, whilst promoting them in ways weekly television simply can not.

The other emotion is frustration. Why can't weekly television serve this same function? With each new episode, it becomes ever clearer that it's a lack of will, not skill, that maintains the status quo.

The latest edition of Chronicle, focusing on Becky Lynch's return to action ahead of the (probable) TLC main event opposite Charlotte Flair and Asuka, is the same story. Like the recent Dean Ambrose flick, it's a subtle mixture of reality and storyline, and again demonstrates that yes, it is possible to invest in these characters in the modern era. It's not a problem with the industry's curtain, but the people pulling the drawstrings. WWE's stars can be believable, and they can be relatable - when they're allowed to be.

Sadly, the only place that happens is in these documentaries. Once more, it's a glimpse of what could - but sadly won't - be.

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