5 Things WWE Cinematic Matches Should NOT Do (And 5 Things They SHOULD Do)

It's a thing now. Better run with it.


Cinematic matches continue to polarise. Some are entertaining, and some are a mess. In the space of just four months, they have become entrenched in WWE programming, irrespective of ongoing popular reaction. A gut response to this might be 'ditch them and never look back', but it may also be worth breaking this situation down and looking a little bit deeper.

Let's at least appreciate that this is an offshoot of the current global situation, so it's fair to give the creators credit for trying to entertain in bleak times. Yet at the same time, cinematic matches run the risk of fully deterring audiences amidst already dwindling viewing figures. It's a tough balance.

So can WWE afford to take the risk with this stuff, and if they insist on keeping it around, what improvements should they make going forward? While many are forced to remain on the fence on whether this convention should get a fair run or die a death, here's a list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don'ts’, in equal measure to clarify their best route ahead... for however long that may be.

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