5 Ups & 0 Downs From AEW Rampage (Dec 8 - Results & Review)

Don't sleep on this week's AEW Rampage. It was a killer show with a killer main event!

Bryan Danielson Daniel Garcia

An iconic closing shot for an iconic episode of a much-maligned AEW weekly.

Rampage eats a lot of sh*t for being pushed further and further down the pecking order. At times, it feels like Tony Khan quickly scribbles out a few matches on a napkin in catering, then hands it to someone and says, 'Do your best with this'. That's likely unfair, because TK is very hands-on with his product, but defending Rampage is difficult. It's been nigh-on impossible throughout 2023.

That's why it's so lovely to do so here. This week's edition was one of the best since All Elite debuted the show amidst CM Punk-led fanfare back in 2021. Will the Friday night train stay on the tracks long term? No, probably not, but you've got to call 'em how you see 'em. That 60 minutes went by in a flash, man.

All of the four bouts presented here had merit, but one stands tall above all the others. Bryan Danielson got evil to make sure he kept on winning in the Continental Classic, and one of Daniel Garcia's good buddies absolutely smashed his guest commentary role.

Go out of your way to watch Rampage. Here's why!

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